The Power of Pumice

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How We Make Fire...Better.

Isokern fireplace materials are designed to provide a safer and more efficient material for your home. Our company brings design build technology to meet your project’s design specifications. With over 80 years of Danish technology and unparalleled performance, Earthcore’s Isokern brand has become the most trusted modular component fireplace system in the world.

Since 1989, our dedicated network of over 500 dealers and 3 distribution centers have proudly provided exceptional products and unmatched customer service. We also protect the environment: we leave no carbon footprint, utilizing and recycling what Mother Nature has provided us with less than 1% waste.

Born In the Heart of Mt. Hekla

Extracted from Iceland’s Mount Hekla volcano, Earthcore’s products are made from genuine volcanic pumice. Pumice stone forms underneath volcanic molten lava as water and gasses escape while cooling. Earthcore has exclusive rights to mine this high-grade material from a 25-mile long volcanic fissure and the volcano itself, which rises to a height of 5,000 feet. Believed to be about 7,000 years old, Mt. Hekla, and other central volcanoes like it, can remain active for around 100,000 years. With durability like that, it’s no wonder our fireplaces are guaranteed for life.

Pumice - Naturally Better

Pumice is a natural insulator. This is the unique characteristic that separates pumice from all other chimney and fireplace materials. The insulating properties of pumice allow the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach their optimum temperature, enabling the heating appliance to reach its optimum performance shortly after lighting. Pumice also keeps the chimney warmer longer as the heat output of the appliance decreases – once again aiding performance and reducing the likelihood of condensation and soot build-up. As the temperature changes, pumice undergoes very little expansion and contraction. This reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage that can occur with other products.

Founder & CEO,
Carl R. Spadaro

Since 1989, I am proud to be the CEO of Isokern by Earthcore. We have set the standard for modular masonry fireplaces and chimney construction in North America. Architects and designers have favored the highly refractive properties of the Isokern fireplaces, which utilize volcanic pumice sourced from the Mt. Hekla volcano and adhere to Icelandic design principles. Today, the Isokern process has been applied to a number of products offered by Earthcore.

While our products are constantly evolving and improving, our fundamentals remain the same – : our brand is built on respect for specification professionals throughout North America, top-notch customer care, and an offering of an incredible variety of applications. Isokern’s materials and proprietary recipes are environmentally friendly, meet all regulatory standards, and exhibit high insulation and refractive qualities. No other company’s products in the fireplace industry come close to delivering as much.

Isokern will always strive to offer the most innovative products possible, in order to make your design dreams a reality. We always strive to make fire, better. With you as our driving force. Thank you.

If you wish to become a dealer or distributor of our product, or you would like to integrate our product into your projects, or need to speak to a local representative, please contact us today.